Designing a good
brand identity involves
art, science and culture!
Life by design
Good design is obvious
Great design is transparent
Joe sparano
Good design is
visually powerful
intellectually appealing and
timeless by nature

do things different

we do things different and unique which makes the design very special and meaningful.


we at xpologo have a design sense of minimal and precise context. we refine to the finest point and make it work.


with over 25 years of experience, the team at xpologo has a vast knowledge on What, When & How to do it.


creating outstanding brands- from ice cream parlour to IT park, from tea to telecom, from studio to shoe- leading business houses have chosen to partner with xpologo to create brands that are creative, progressive and more relevant than their competitors

we develop visual identities that are as unique as your fingerprint because we regard as an invaluable communications tool, internally and externally, and capable of overcoming language and cultural barriers that will become your greatest asset.

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some of our clients

  • 4M
  • Ambal Car Retail

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