Naming a brand & it's Taglines

Naming a brand | Slogan | Tagline

In the past, when there were fewer products when the volume of communication was lower, the name wasn’t nearly as important. No longer so!

Today, a lazy, say nothing name isn’t good enough to cut into the mind of your prospects.

what you must look for is…

  • A Name that starts the positioning process,
  • A name that tells the prospect what the products big benefits are,
  • A name with Vision,
  • A name with Courage,
  • A name with Objectivity,
  • A name with Simplicity,
  • A name with Subtlety and
  • Without a doubt A name with a Global Outlook.

In this Internet era, we cannot escape or overlook the importance of thinking global, We have to look at and keep in mind the Tom’s Desai’s and Hoshimura’s.

business is no longer a local affair, it is indeed a global ballgame.

From Apple to Amazon, the most prominent companies understand the importance of strategic naming that truly identifies with their customer-base. Countless organizations have trusted xpologo with naming their company or creating a brand or product name. Contact us now, and we’ll put our years of experience and success to work creating a company name, product name or brand name that resonates with your audience and stands the test of time.

From our very first project, we have offered a mix of creative and strategic services, providing creative and practical answers to strategic naming challenges. Our names and architectures are known for their ability to express key client messages with clarity and power.


Taglines / Slogan for your Brand

Taglines and slogans support, extend, and enrich a company or brand name. They can also serve to reshape or update names which are no longer communicating the correct content, but which
cannot be changed for any of a variety of reasons. We at, xpologo usually develop a tagline or slogan as part of a larger naming or brand architecture project.

In our slogan and tagline projects, we work closely with our client to define the content deficits in their existing verbal and visual identity elements, and craft the new tagline or slogan to complement existing messaging, while solving the problems identified.